Buys definition of a ‘well’ and animal health inspection bills signed by the governor

Rep. Vincent Buys had two bills he prime-sponsored signed into law by the governor today.

House Bill 1467 modifies the definition of a “well” under the Water Well Construction Act (WWCA). Any device inserted into the soil at less than ten feet to test water quality or soil sample would not be considered a well.

“I am very pleased we were able to get this bill through the legislative process and signed into law,” said Buys, R-Lynden. “Those working in the agricultural industry or those who work in industries involving groundwater can breathe a little easier. This bill will prevent the Department of Ecology from considering enforcement on simple actions such as checking soil or ground water. Currently, anyone inserting a soil sampler even a couple inches into the soil could be subject to the well permitting process. This law provides common sense to our water measuring and soil sampling laws, and eases the concerns of our agricultural community.”

Buys also primed-sponsored House Bill 1538, which makes it a crime to transport animals, unless exempted, to a destination other than the address listed on the transportation document.

“There have been instances of livestock being diverted to feed lots and never arriving at their required destination,” said Buys. “This law will assist the state veterinarian in tracking animals imported into the state for disease traceability purposes. It also makes it illegal to deliver livestock to a different address other than the one listed on the health papers. The stakeholders in our cattle and dairy industries are supportive of the measure and it received strong support in the Legislature.”

Both bills take effect 90 days from the end of the regular legislative session which adjourned on April 22.


Washington State House Republican Communications