Buys’ bill adding expertise to commodity commissions signed into law

House Bill 1770, sponsored by Rep. Vincent Buys, was signed into law April 23 by Governor Inslee.

The bill would allow two non-voting members with marketing experience to sit on any agricultural commission; inclusion of the members is optional. The law will provide flexibility for agricultural commissions so they can utilize greater marketing expertise to promote their products such as wheat, raspberries, and dairy.

“My local raspberry farmers requested this legislation. I’m happy I could help them find new tools to market their products,” Buys said. “If growers can market their crops in a different way, it could increase sales. In this economy, improving the marketing of our agriculture products is a benefit to all Washingtonians.”

Agriculture accounts for 13 percent of Washington state’s economy and employs about 160,000 people. There are more than 39,000 farms in Washington, making agriculture a cornerstone to the state’s economy.  Farming is especially imperative in the 42nd District where Buys, R-Lynden, serves as representative. Buys has been a member of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee since he was elected.


Washington State House Republican Communications