42nd District representatives issue joint statement on property tax increases

Forty-second District Reps. Vincent Buys and Luanne Van Werven issued the following joint statement today about reducing the state property tax during the 2018 legislative session.

“As homeowners begin to receive their property tax bills they are seeing substantial increases due to the McCleary education-funding plan the Legislature passed last year. Over time, the increases we are seeing will decrease. In fact, many taxpayers in our district will see a property tax decrease in 2019.

“However, we have a great opportunity this session to pass meaningful property tax reduction legislation. We introduced a bill at the beginning of the legislative session, House Bill 2434, that would freeze the 2018 state property tax levy for basic education at 2017 levels – $1.89 for each $1,000 of assessed value. We can reduce property taxes without impacting education funding.

“The state has the money to do this now as taxpayer dollars are coming into Olympia at record pace. The recent revenue forecast projects we will have $1.3 billion more in the state coffers over the next four years.

“While we believe our proposal would be better for our constituents, there are other plans out there that would also reduce property taxes. We also believe tax relief can be done without raising taxes or raiding the rainy day fund. Budget writers need to take advantage of the additional monies we have and provide tax relief to property owners. We cannot miss out on this opportunity. We have heard from those on a fixed income and they desperately need this.”


Washington State House Republican Communications