Buys’ bill to modify food truck health regulations signed into law

Legislation sponsored by Rep. Vincent Buys that would reduce regulations for food truck owners and operators was signed into law today.

House Bill 2639 would exempt food trucks from requirements to store, prepare, portion, and package food in separate commissary kitchens, so long as they meet other necessary requirements.

Buys says current health code regulations pertaining to mobile food units are outdated and excessive.

“Requirements food trucks have to meet today were created back when mobile food units lacked basic health necessities, like handwashing stations, running water, and refrigeration and sanitation equipment,” said Buys, R-Lynden.  “As a result, food truck owners have been having to maintain a brick-and-mortar commissary kitchen to prepare their food, instead of doing so directly on their food truck. Food truck owners and operators I’ve met with have said this is a major barrier to their industry, and House Bill 2639 seeks to change that — without compromising food safety.”

House Bill 2639 received unanimous approval from the Legislature. The bill will go into effect later this year.



Washington State House Republican Communications